Conquer Cancer

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

Welcome to my Conquer Cancer Foundation fundraising page. I started this online fundraiser to help support cancer research and I am asking for your support.

Nearly everyone I know has been touched by some type of cancer - brain, lung, breast, cervical, leukemia etc. There are so many forms of cancer that when I began looking for a charity to support, it was impossible to choose just one.

The Conquer Cancer Foundation is one of only a few organizations committed to defeating all forms of cancer--from the common to the rare. Together, we are supporting groundbreaking research, sharing cutting-edge knowledge and building a world free from the fear of cancer.

In August of this year, I will be embarking on a six-day/75 mile walk in the Highlands of Scotland. As this seems a perfect fundraising opportunity I am asking that you please consider making a per mile pledge in support of The Conquer Cancer Foundation. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Some per mile suggestions are:

$0.10/mile = $ 7.50

$0.25/mile = $18.75

$0.50/mile = $37.50

Updates on the fundraiser and the actual walk in Scotland will be posted on my Instagram page @lisau0331

Thank you for your support!!