Let's Kick Cancer to the Curb!

Hello Friends, Family and Colleagues:

Thanks for heading over to my Conquer Cancer Foundation fundraising page. I started this online fundraiser in support of my sister.  Many of you know my sister has Stage 4 esophogeal cancer which is one of the more insidious cancers.

Cancer takes many forms and many 'cures' are in the form of cutting away at our bodies but even that does not guarantee a life free of cancer especially if the cancer has already spread.The reality is that if you haven't been touched by cancer yet, you will be. Either a loved one or you will likely develop cancer at some point in life. There must be MORE we can do to prevent, treat and erradicate cancer. 

For my birthday this year, I am asking for your support.  Conquer Cancer is one of only a few organizations committed to defeating all forms of cancer--from the common to the rare.  According to the website Charity Navigator, Conquer Cancer gets high marks for transparancy and putting your donations into research to find cures vs administration and salaries. 

Your money will go toward making a real difference in research and cures for all cancers! There is always HOPE and your help can make that a reality!
Thank you for your support!